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Dr. Vijay & Dr. Keren - Our dear Lord Jesus showed us BellsNRings!

Dr. Keren Christopher "I was very specific of wanting a Doctor Groom with post-graduation and a tall guy. When my mother was shaken up of how to start the search, our dear Lord Jesus showed us BellsNRings. The person who first spoke to us at BNR was very pleasant and was assuring. Vijay was more than what we wanted for the family, Coz he is a loving husband a great father and a loving son to my family."

 Dr. Vijay "I was so blessed to have got such a beautiful, loving and intelligent wife. We cannot forget the service and the gift that BellsNRings has given us. Today we are happily married. We praise God for the marvelous thing that he has done in our lives. Thank you BellsNRings!"

Joe & Getsyal - On the whole our journey with BellsNRings was a Great Success!

We both had registered in BellsNRings during an offer and got Elite Service.

The customer care executive who handled my profile was a very courteous and well mannered girl. My mother used to like her so much. My mom was very keen in getting me a girl from Thirunelveli and Tuticorin only. More than all we wanted a AG Born Again - Believer, and BellsNRings united us with exactly what we wanted.

On the whole our journey with BellsNRings was a Great Success.

Thanks BNR!

Vijay & Annie - We thank God for the perfect Match and beautiful life!!

Vijay "I registered in BNR and got my perfect match in just three months. A Hassle free soul searching journey."

Annie "I was blessed and lucky enough to get Vijay James in just 5 days after registering with BellsNRings as an Elite Client."

We thank God for the perfect Match and beautiful life. Their service was extraordinary.
Thanks to BellsNRings!

Mohan Singh & Nancy - My journey with BNR was fast track!

I had a fast track service with BellsNRings! Everyday or every other day my brother and I used to take atleast 20 contacts from the website and ask the customer care executive to follow up on them.

The Customer care executive did their following up and conveying the feedback promptly with great commitment.

We were able to find my match within 2 months. Today Nancy and I are a happy couple. Thanks to BellsNRings!

My journey with BNR was fast track - Mohan Singh

Robin Joseph - The service offered at BellsNRings Matrimony was exemplary.

Instant communication and 24/7 support is the main thing I liked about them. The customer care executives were very courteous and took extraordinary care as if we were family.

Thank you BNR for the support.

Arun & Rachel - Grateful to BellsNRings for the family - like service!

We are very grateful to BellsNRings for the family - like service which they offered. The customer care executive took so much care in finding my soul mate. I am 4 7" and my mom wanted a groom from the Devendrakula Vellalar Caste.

Therefore finding a groom to match my height & caste was a challenge. After a journey of just 6 months I found my partner through BNR.

They had organised nearly 7 meetings for me with Grooms- to-be. 

Praise be to God for showing me BellsNRings Matrimony. 

Stephen & Blessy - Thank you BellsNRings for spreading smiles in many!!

I was an Elite Customer.  The Service that BellsNRings offered was so committed. We had a 24/7 response no matter what. 

We were not kept in the dark like other matrimonials, our calls were promptly answered and our requirements were well taken care of. 

We were lucky enough to get a 100% cash back as we booked BNR for our Marriage Event. As a family we are so happy for the service rendered by BNR. Thank you BellsNRings for spreading smiles in many. !! 

Walter & Olive - Unfading support in offering the Best Service!

Being an actor by profession, I wanted a partner who would understand me and my profession. I wanted a girl who would be supportive and encouraging in all aspects of my life and career.
BellsNRing’s unfading support in offering the best service by giving matches which completely matched all of my requirements and expectations.
Today Olive Sharanya and I have joined hands to start our journey of life. Thank you BellsNRings. - Walter

Divya & Anand - Awesome dedicated friendly service by the Customer Care team!

Divya Rozario "Anandaraj was my first elite proposal from BellsNRings, and it was a Direct Match from Heaven. Our journey of Love blossomed colourfully, I thank our Almighty for blessing me with this beautiful made for each other love story."

Anandraj "Our families immediately gave the green signal as the profile was genuine, authentic and came with 100% verification. Being an Elite Customer we had an awesome dedicated friendly service by the Customer Care team. I loved the experience of finding my soulmate at BellsNRings."

Praveen & Sharon - Family like Concern and Commitment!!

With an excellent range of profiles matching my preferences & the 24/7 support & service rendered by BellsNRings team, we are brateful to the Almighty Father and to them fr arranging this beautiful love story.

The beginning of yet another fairy tale.


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BellsnRings Matrimony is the offspring of a noble visionary Mr. A D Padmasingh Isaac and his desire to unite Christians in Holy Matrimony and to build a family with Christ.

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